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Women's Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals

This course is specially orientated towards females. There are female ONLY classes, led or taught by a female instructor. These classes typically have limited participants, ensuring that every individual receives one to one guidance where needed.

Please also note that the subject matter from this course can be taught to mixed groups, provided that, any male participants are accompanying at least one female companion, who is also a registered student for this course.

PLEASE NOTE, that on some occasions here may be men present in the classroom, but the class will always have a female instructor present,

NORMALLY this course WILL BE LED BY A FEMALE INSTRUCTOR, unless due to extreme extenuating circumstance  a male instructor is needed to step in., where by full disclosure will be provided before the course components start. Each course will have limited participants. 

This course is intended to be informative, up building, insightful, while at the same time build knowledge, confidence and understanding. Although the Women's Handgun and Self-defense Fundamentals course has a very serious side, it is also my intention to instill an element of fun, with hopefully some laughter thrown in for good measure.

Class Components

There are three components to this course.

 Women's Basic Pistol. which lays the foundation for the rest of the course.

 Women's Intermediate Pistol, which builds on the basic foundations and helps to prepare us for the final component.

 Woman's Defensive Pistol, this section focus on building our abilities to defend ourselves and our family.

Total Classroom Time 9 to 12 hours.

Each component is a stand alone class which lasts up to 3-4 hours, these sessions are held in a classroom setting, with NO LIVE FIRE.

LIVE FIRE is conducted at a different location and at a different time, subject to individual requirements.

Ready to Sign Up?

To reserve your place, either CALL 928-221-4157 to schedule your class or email


It is recommended that the course is taken in the order listed, although each component is a stand alone, the intermediate builds on the basic component and the defensive pistol builds on intermittent component.

IF you intend to complete the whole course we will start at the begin...which is a very good place to start.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be awarded once all components of the course have been completed.

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What Our Clients Say

Smiling Young Woman

Jennifer, C.

Before I left for College my father encouraged me to take a firearms class and to learn some self defense basics. JJ really helped me learn steps I can take to protect myself that are easy to use and remember in stressful situations. My parents and I are more at ease now with me being on my own at school.

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