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Firearm Safety Training 


 Specializing in Women's,

      Children's & Family Classes.

Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Classes.

Countering The Mass Shooter Threat.

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals.

See our class descriptions. Navigate to the portal to read more about the individual lesson plans available. Reach out to schedule you lesson/s so that we can discuss the most convenient for you, from the up and coming scheduled lessons. If you need a more flexible schedule, inquire about our private classes! Want more? Schedule a Workshop!

Team building for families, businesses, friends, collogues, in fact any group that need a unique opportunity to gel and grow. Learn firearm safety then put it into action with laser firearm training or optional live target shooting in the field!

Families, friends, corporate events....possibilities are endless with this option. Let us create a class catered to you! Let us know what you are looking for and a private/special class can be formulated for your group and needs.


The Instructor

Having been born and growing up in England, a non-second amendment country. The world of firearms was a total enigma to me. The first time I encountered someone    openly carrying a firearm, was a terrifying experience. So how did I go from then to now? During your lesson plan we will delve into my journey and my personal situation and circumstances and more will be reviled. Many years after relocating to the USA, I discovered the USCCA and read Tim Schmidt's story. I was inspired by the American spirit, which in essence says, that I could be anything I dreamt of and so my personal journey to obtained my instructor certification began. ​Being female, finding an instructor who I felt safe with and who would be in my opinion more sympathetic to my needs was no easy feat. This was point where I realized the vital need for more female firearms instructors. My personal experience along with my vocational training and abundant experience as a trained child care provider/teacher, combined with the horrific news headlines regarding children and firearms, has driven me to specialize in training women, children and families. I offer firearms safety classes from basic fundamentals upwards.​Please feel free to contact me for more information.​Be safe, Be well, Get trained.Regards, JJ.


Gena C.

Such a wonderful class. I was so comfortable with JJ, she makes learning firearm safety very understandable and takes time to incorporate my husband and children so we all can live safe and comfortable with our firearm in our home.

William B.

My wife and I booked a private lesson. We felt very comfortable learning about the safe way to store and operate our firearm. JJ even took us out for live fire practice. We feel very comfortable and safe with our firearm after our private class!

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