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How do I see a class schedule?

Navigate to my USCCA instructor portal, where times, dates, location and fees can be found.

Where are the prices listed for each class and how do I make payment?

Navigate to my USCCA instructor portal, where times, dates, location and fees can be found.

If I cannot attend the class I signed up for, what is your cancellation policy?

Students are required to cancel at least 48 hours in advance of a class date in order to receive a refund. This is subject to an administration fee of $10.00 which will be withheld from the balance of your refund. Classes cancelled less than 48 hours before the class will NOT be refunded.​

Once my classes are finished is there anything else that needs to be done?

The answer most people would like to hear is Congratulations, you're done UNFORTUNATLY, this is not the case. When it comes to firearms training and use, muscle memory is a vital component. So it is not a case of ``Done and dusted". Training is still recommended it's like riding a bike, if you do not practice you become very shaky and unsteady. 

If I want to carry on with my training, is there anything else I can do?

YES there are other classes and workshops that can be attended, check out the other classes that are available, also check out the workshop section for dry fire laser practice and live fire practice session that you can join in on. Please contact me directly to arrange additional training sessions. Contact: or call 928-221-4157.

Will live fire be conducted in the same classroom that  the certification is conducted?

NO, live fire has to be conducted in a designated area that is approved for such purposes. This area must be away from homes and business premises. It would be very handy if it was, but there wouldn't be much of a classroom left after the first few rounds were fired. The classroom area is not safe for live fire practise due to the fact that it is adjacent to other properties, Local ordinance specifies and sets the rules concerning where live fire can be conducted. 

Where will we be doing laser fire practice?

Dry fire will either be conducted during the classroom setting during your lesson as part of the lesson plan or at an alternative location , depending on your needs, confidence level and requirements.

Are the female classes truly only for females?

 YES, with the exception of maybe a guest instructor who will either assist myself during the lesson, or cover a class if I am unable to do so due to unforeseen circumstances. Do not panic...If this event were to ever occur, any female who had already pre-paid and booked for the lesson plan, would be informed ahead of time, giving as much notice as possible and given the choice of rescheduling the class to attend with myself as instructor, or take the class as scheduled with another instructor, who might be male.

DO I need to own a gun at the time of taking the classes?

This depends on the component being taken. Owning a firearm at the time of attending the classroom and laser sessions is not necessary. A firearm is required for the live fire section along with a specified quantity of ammunition. Do not let the fact that you do not own a firearm deter you from attending the classes. WE will figure it out and work around it.

How do I know what gun is right for me, if I do not own one right now?

Choosing a firearm is a matter of personal choice and varies from person to person depending on personal preferences and lifestyle. Having said that, there is no need to panic. Direction and guidance will be provided and recommendations can be provided by either myself or from a licensed reputable firearms trader. I can make a personal introduction, if requested to do so or even accompany you in this venture, subject to time and other commitments.

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