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Private Classes

PRIVATE CLASSES are ideal for those who are unable to attend a scheduled class, or for those that want to do something different that they have never done before, while learning essential and vital for firearm safety. If you are looking to instill and educate the children in your care how to be safe and protected if they ever encounter a gun,  whether you own a firearm, or are considering owning a firearm, you can avail yourself and your children/and their friends/your friends/family/co-workers/classmates before heading off into the big wide world and life.


Private classes will need to be scheduled by email : trainingbyfast or directly by phone 928-221-4157.

Consider Private Classes For:















If you can think of an occasion, and Firearm Safety Classes appeal to you, please reach out and contact me

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Please note:

PLEASE NOTE, that private classes are more costly than registering for open/public classes. 


ALSO PLEASE NOTE,  private classes are not open to the public, BUT the same safety rules will be in force. Firearms are very dangerous, especially when not taken seriously. NO ALCOHOL IS TO BE CONSUMED WITHIN A 24 HOUR PERIOD PRIOR TO ATTENDING PRIVATE CLASSES. NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED TO BE PRESENT EITHER IN THE CLASSROOM OR INSIDE YOUR BODY, you can go parrrrrrty after you session is over. 


Private classes will be tailored to the needs of your members and will be based on the same programs and structure used for other firearms safety classes. The difference being... they will be personalized for your group.

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